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My bar(s) of the day: .

Akasaka and Roppongi area:


Delirium Akasaka: (6/5)I think they may have 40 beers available for a limited time!?! Either that or it's a selection from these.Celis White Pierre Celis
St.Bernardus white
Blanche de namur
Delirium Tremens 
Piraat 10.5%
St.Bernardus tripel
Tripel Karmiliet
St.isebald Tripel
XX bitter
Taras Bulbar
Rulles Blond
St.Isebald blond
Pawel Kwak
Scaldis Amber
Galouis Ambree
St.Bernardus Prior 8
St.Bernardus Abbot 12
Delirium Nocturnum
Leute Bokbier
Golden Draak
Rulles Brun
Galloise Brun
St.Bernardus Christmas
Delerium Noel
Gulden Draak vintage
Rulles Cuvee Christmas
Mere Noel
Pere Noel
Bios Vlaams Bourgogne
Queue de Charrue Brune
Floris Kriek
Floris apple
FLoris framboise
Bios kriek
Brussels kriek
Campus premium

Biervana (28/10) -NEW!-
A new beer bar, opened in Akasaka, featuring about 9 taps plus a nice selection of bottles
London Pride
Paulaner hefeweizen
Japanese guest: Hitachino Nest Brooklyn Lager
World guest: Fuller's Honeydew
World guest 2: Moretti
Guest cider: Strongbow

82 Ale House, Akasaka (12/11)
Guest beer: 82 Ale house dark weissen (Kanda, Shinagawa, Akasaka, Kannai).
Sankt Gallen apple cinnamon
82 real ale
Bass pale ale
Kirin ichiban shibori
They also have ale houses in Kanda, Mita, Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Hammamatsucho and Kannai.)

Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port (Akasaka) (Happy hour 5to7)
The Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port (Akasaka) is having it's 1st anniversary party on Tues, March 17th. 5,000yen gets you 5 Belgian beers (plus one special Belgian beer?) and food from 6 to 10pm.
Maredsous 10 - lovely (at least it was on tap, last time I was there - long time ago!)
Stella artois
Leffe blonde
Bellveue kriek
(plus many more Belgians in bottles)
This is one of a chain of a few stores, Belgian Beer cafe Antwerp Central (Chiyoda), Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Six (Ginza) and Belgian Beer Cafe Barrel (Osaka).

Roti's: 27-2  Whats on tap in Rotis 
Smoking at bar
Stone IPA-
Maui Bikini Blonde Lager-
BrewDog Punk IPA-
Rogue Stout 
Refreshing Britt Craft Cider Brut from Brittany France.

AntnBee: (29/3)
Can get smoky but 20 taps of Japanese craft.
Fujisakura white dandy
Minoh godfather 
Minoh WIPA
minoh Saru IPA
Shiga kogen India summer saison
Swan lake imperial red ale
Aqwula Belgia single
Aqula citra brown
Iwate Kura red IPa
Iwate Kura IPA
North Island brown ale
Brewmaster kabos and honey
Yon yona
Sankt Gallen sakura

Sankt Gallen amber ale

Sankt Gallen brown porter

Kobushi hana IPA
Kobushi hana marzen
Kobushi hana pilsner

Shonan shwarz
Daisen barleywine
Daisen Imperial stout

Berndt's (Roppongi):
Weihenstephaner Weiss
Schneider(? maybe bottled)
Diebels Alt

Cock o'the walk: (brother/sister bar to Warrior Celt in Ueno)
I heard this closed down. shame. I liked the place.

Abbot's Choice:
Abbot ale
Bass pale ale
Yona yona
*Happy hour 650yen a pint 6-8pm*
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