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My bar(s) of the day: .

Yokohama area:

The Thrash Zone: (16/12) Great, friendly, rocking craft haven in Yokohama.
New LOCATION! Open every day! 6-6:30 until 11:30
Shinano ale

Shinano mountain ale
Nagahama ale
Greenflash WCIPA
Greenflah hop head red IPA
Stone ruination DIPA

and more!
p.s. This is a great  craft beer bar

Cheers: (16/12) (Happy hour 4-7pm) Closed Sunday
Shonan super bitter IPA
Helios santa beer red ale
Aqula akita bijin beer
Atsugi hachi honey ale
Hideji weisse and mango lager
Isekdaoya stout on handpump
Old Speckled hen 
Cheers helios beer

Green Sheep: (1 guest beer which doesn't change very often, but it's open 'til late and is an option.)
Guest Beer - rumor is it's brewed by Yokohama beer.
Bass Pale Ale,
Asahi Fuji San,
Asahi Super Dry.

Glass Dance Belgian beer and grill:Guinness
De Koninck
Leffe blonde
plus a good bottled selection

Beer Republic:
  near Yokohama station, South East side.
1. Ginga Kogen stout
2. Shiga Kogen DPA
3. Daisen weizen bock
4. Minoh imperial stout
5. Minami Shinshu Christmas ale
6. North Island cinnamon ale
7. Kure barley wine
8. Shiga Kogen porter
9. Fuji sakura weizen bock
10. Shiga Kogen IPA
11. Beahern chocola number 7
12. North Island red ale
13. Isekadoya pale ale
14.Hideji lager
15.Isekadoya pale ale dry hopped - maybe off tonday?
16.Minoh pale ale


Pivovar Yokohama ()
Pivovar is now closed Saturdays and Sundays for regular customers. Damn, it might be closed until March is another thing I heard. Weird decision but theirs to make but there you go. Really weird.


Baird Bashamichi Taproom: (15/12)
The newest edition to the Baird Taproom collection (Including Numazu, NakaMeguro and Harajuku - for now!), is a Aerican PitBBQ themed taproom. 3 floors and 25 taps. 2 handpumps.
I also work here part time, Fri and Sat!
come by and say hi!
Handpumped real ale:
Bashamichi ale (smoked brown ale only for the Bashamichi Taproom)
80 Schilling ale 
Baird regulars:
Kurofune porter
Shimaguni stout
Singe Take session ale
Wheat king ale
Numazu lager
Rising Sun pale ale
Red rose amber ale
Angry boy brown ale
Suruga Bay DIPA
Nide cream ale
Midnight oil export stout

Black velvet dark lager
West coast wheat wine( maybe gone?)
Yabai Yabia strong Scottish ale (maybe gone?)
Numazu ale

Red rose Belgian ale
Guest beers:
Birra del borgo re pale extra IPA

Birra del borgo saison

Bashamichi Green (16/12)

New Green with 3 craft taps plus heartland and again great food.
no info on beer 
Pivo: (15/12) ( Closed Sun, Monday) Another Czech bar!
He actually controls the temp of his beer (around 7-8C) and puts the temp on his website. Nice!
Pilsner Urquel (950yen for 500ml)
Master semi dark beer (mayb enot on any more?)
Kozel cerny( dark)

*** -- New! -- ***
ElNubicho (5/2)
New interesting bar with small snacks and a nicely chosen line up of 4 taps.
He doesnt list his beers onl;ine and recently had a barley wine and some fruity beers.
( Glass size S 500. M 800, L 1,000yen)

***Bay Brewing***A cool looking new brewpub ran by the former head brewer of Pivovar Yokohama, Suzuki Shinya. Good luck, Shinya!
1 Miyoko kogen pilsner
2 Nihonkai dark lager
3 Aqula Akita bijin beer
4 Fujisakura weizen
5 Shiga Kogen Indain Summer saison
6 Isekdaoya imperial smoked porter
7 Baird rising sun pale ale


Craft Beer Bar (Kannai): (16/12)

Not so easy to find and easy to walk past (again and again), so Google search this address and view it in maps: 横浜市中区太田町2-31-3 (Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Aioi-cho 2-31-3)

Minoh stout (handpump) * very good!
Baird Red Rose Belgian ale
Fujisakura weizen bock
Shiga Kogen ichiniseki imperial dark saison
Shiga Kogen miyama blonde
Swan Lake amber ale
Iwate Kura classic IPA 
Baeren classic
North Island cinnamon ale
Harvestmoon pale ale

Bay Brewing (Kannai) (06/03)
New brewpub in Yokohama serving some fine ales and lagers plus hard to find guest beers.
Closed Thursdays.
Tainai kogen pilsner
Wind valley dark lager
Bay Brewing hefeweizen
Aqula Kiwi IPA
Bay Brewing imperial pale ale (6.5%)
Bay Brewing pile driver IPA (7.2%)

Full Monty 
(Kannai/Noge): (7/3) (Coupon) (Closed Sundays)

A really nice British pub, with good sized portions (of delicious pub grub).  
London Pride
Felinfoel stout
Left coast rasberry wheat

Aspalls cider

Carlsberg Pilsner
plus many bottled beers (including a lot of Ciders,  Brewdog & Fullers beers)!

Charcoal Grill & Bar Green (Motomachi street): (3/3)
Preston stout
Loco Sakura steam
Yokohama Hamamugi  lager

Green Bashamichi: Close to Bashamichi taproom

: (28/5) A sake and shouchu joint, the other side of Kannai stadium
Kirin heartland
Tokyo black
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