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My bar(s) of the day: .

Shibuya & Shimokitazawa area:

The Aldgate: (28/3) (Coupon for food discount with a beer) Non smoking Free wifi
A good British style bar (House beers) Now with free wifi!
Aldgate ale
Harry Porter
Abbot ale
Old Speckled Hen
Erdinger weiss
Baird IPA
Jever Pils
Fulers London pride
Isekadoya pale ale
Preston stout
(Guest beers)
Belhaven Twested Thistle
Haact Mystic White
Rogue Brutal IPA
Sankt Gallen Sakura Ale
Fujisakura Smoked Ale
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Baird Jack The Ripper IPA(Aldgate Exclusive)

Plus new handpump real ale London Calling pale ale by Sankt Gallen
p.s. they had Swan Lake golden ale on tap which was very good.

Amusement: (3/3) Interesting 'Speakeasy' styled underground bar.
? means I'm not sure if it's on tap. They have 12 taps.

Cataratas: (29/3) Closed Sundays. Now with wifi access!
Quality beer selection but not cheap and place can get smoky fast.
Chateau Gaisto blakc lager
Korsendonk brown/Malheur 10
Westkust? Black imperial IPA
Deschutes hophenge experimental IPA
Aspalls cider

Faulte: (3/3) (happy hour Heineken & malts 500yen pints till 7)
Bellhaven Scottish stoutRegulars:
Suntory premium malts
Bell-veu kriek

Faucets: Good bar with 20taps and managed by Dede (of Cheers and Roti's fame).
Happy hour 5-8, 200yen off pints.

The Griffon: (30/9)
website updated to 10/9
Website is gone. I'm searching for another one?
They often do have an interesting selection of hard to find beers but it can be a little expensive (like a lot of other places, recently). Can get smoky.

Now have a happy hour 5-8. Glass of beer is 580 (from choice of 4or5)

Belgo: (3/3)
Ichtegems grand cru from 7th March
Leffe blonde
Chimay white
Belleveu kriek

The German Farm Grill: (Warning: 500yen cover charge, last time I was there!)
The place is a lot pricier than it used to hence, hence I no longer go back.
Spaaten helles
Spaaten premium bock
Spaaten Optimator
Franziskaner heffeweiss
(plus a lot of bottled German beers)

Hemel: (27/6)
Vedett extra white
Saison weissen
Belle Veu Kriek
They also have a load of bottled Belgians!

Bis cafe: (special discount days)
Vidette extra white
Stella Artois
Chimay white label
plus around 100 bottles, mostly Belgian.

Cafe Anno (new): (16/9)
Czech restaurant/cafe with Czech beer in bottles plus Nihonkai Ishikawa pilsner and dark lager on tap. The beer is brewed by a Czech brewer.

Nihonkai pilsner
Nihonkai dark lager

: (27/5) For update - check the site
Non smoking Free wifi
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
Ballast Point Victory at Sea
Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA
Ballast Point Three Sheets French Oak Cask
Green Flash Hop Head Red
Southern Tier Porter
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA
Fujisakura Dunkel Weizen
Yokohama Beer pixy Orange Ale
North Island Cinnamon Ale
North Island Wheat Ale
Sanktgallen Shonan Gold
Sanktgallen Pale Ale
Shirohata Pink Grapefruits Ale
Harvest Moon Schwarz


The Harajuku Taproom (3/3) non smoking
(Mon-Fri 5-12, Sat/Sun/NatHol 12-12)

A simple account of my first night here.
Harajuku ale batch 12 (best bitter)
Wheaty IPA
Wheat King Ale

Rising Sun Pale Ale
Red Rose Amber Ale
Angry Boy Brown Ale
Kurofune Porter
Shimaguni Stout
Nide The Ale
Nide The Lager
Teikoku IPA
Seasonal releases:
Ganko oyaji 2011
Morning coffee stout 2011
Winter wheat session ale
Dark sky imperial stout

--------------Shimo Kitazawa---------------

Ushi Tora: (5/11) [Link to a google maps location here.]
Very good beer choice and good quality but not the cheapest (it's not just Ushi Tora, though).
The new bar (almost next door, closed Mondays) has new half pint glasses, but they are US half pints.
USHITORA I 【handpump×3+tap×20】□ First Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ First Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Third Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Yona Yona Real Ale (Nagano)
□ Tokyo Black (Nagano)
□ Minoh Bitter -Real Ale- (Osaka)
□ Ise Kadoya Pale Ale (Mie)
□ Swan Lake IPA (Niigata)
□ Shonan IPA -SG- (Kanagawa)
□ Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (California, US)
□ Sankt Gallen Amber Ale (Kanagawa)
□ Ise Kadoya Smokey Drop (Mie)
□ Baird Black Fantasy Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Baird Country Girl Pumpkin Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Gargery Stout (Niigata)
□ Minoh Imperial Stout (Osaka)
□ Iwate Kura Barley Wine (Iwate)
□ Ebisu (Sapporo)
□ Echigo Pilsner (Niigata)
□ Ushiku Chateau IPL (Ibaraki)
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Weizen (Yamanashi)NEW
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Dunkel Weizen (Yamanashi)
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Chocolate Wheat (Yamanashi)
□ Kume-Zakura Shuzou Yagou Junmai-Shu (Tottori
★ USHITORA II ★ 【tap×15】
□ Second Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Shiga-Kogen Not So Mild Ale (Nagano)
□ Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA (Shizuoka)
□ Swan Lake Amber Ale (Niigata)
□ Shiga-Kogen Harvest IBA (Nagano)
□ Echigo Stout (Niigata)
□ Minoh Weizen (Osaka)
□ August Snow Blanche (Tokyo)
□ Baird Belgian Pale Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Swan Lake B-IPA (Niigata)
□ Daisen G Yagou (Tottori)
□ Baird Double Dry Imperial Belgian IPA (Shizuoka)
□ Mikkeller It's Alive! (Denmark)
□ ――――――――――――――

Kurakura beer house:
They moved to Kanda! Here is the new map.
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