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My bar(s) of the day: .

Tokyo, Ginza & Shinjuku area:

Beer Bar Bachus: (27/3) Closed Sundays

Sankt Gallen sakura IPA
Aqula pale ale (handpump)
Isekadoya pale ale (?)
Yona yona
possibly sapporo creamy top

Towers standing bar: (27/3) Closed most Saturdays &Sunday
Fujisakura pilsner and  sakura bock
Shiga Kogen pale ale
Minami Shinshu apple hop
North Island IPA
Yona yona
Baird rising sun pale ale (800yen pint),

plus 5 or 6 other beers (not on website!)

Belgian Beer Cafe:
A chain of three/four Belgian beer cafes/bars. They stock many Belgian beers in bottles plus on draught at least:
Leffe blonde
Stella Artois
Belleveu kriek
(last time I was in one of their bars (Antwerp Port), I had Marsdous No.10)

Bulldog: (coupon site) (27/3)
Baird suruga bay
Fuji sakura sakura bock
Anderson Valley anniversary imperial IPA
Ichi ban shibori frozen
Ichiban shibori
Bellevue kriek
Bass pale ale

Steinhaus Ginza:
Not cheap. May have a table charge, too, like German Farm Grill these days.
Franziskaner hefeweiss
Franziskaner dunkel weiss
Franziskaner optimator
Spaaten helles
Spaaten premium bock
plus lots of bottled German beer and German food.

JS Lennep: (coupon site)
Bitburger pils (500ml 861yen)
Erdinger weiss (500ml 1029yen)
Erdinger Weiss dunkel (500ml 1039yen)
Kostrizer (300ml 724yen)
Jever pilsner (400ml 819yen)
Lowenbrau (500ml 871yen)
plus bottled beers

Baden Baden: (Japanese site) (some good photos)
Hofbrau helles (nice n malty tasting. 500ml 840yen)
Hofbrau Munchenkindlweiss (sweet weiss, not a bad sip, also 840yen)
Hofbrau dunkel
Hofbrau dunkelweiss
plus bottled beers (e.g. Schneider weiss (1050yen), Dom kolsch)
(more a rough and ready atmosphere than Lennep. Food is so so and artery clogging but goes well with the booze despite the smoke. I have a soft spot for this place!)

Delirium Cafes
: (There are 3 - largest 2 being Toranomon and Akasaka)
Toranomon: (22/7)
Guldenberg (De Ranke)
Sparta Pils (Van Steenberge)
La Rullés Triple (Rullés)
Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe)
Floris White (Huyghe)
Bios Kriek ( Van Steenberge)
Brussels Framboise ( Van Steenberge )
Delirium Nocturnum (Huyghe)
Rodenbach Grand Cru (Rodenbach)
VI Wheat
Augustijn Dark (Van Steenberge)
Cafe Reserve, Akasaka:
Sparta Pils(Van Steenberge)
Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe)
Floris White (Huyghe)
Floris Framboise (Huyghe)
Celis White (Van Steenberge)
Floris Apple (Huyghe)
Brussels Framboise ( Van Steenberge )
Caracole Amber ( Caracole)
Scaldis (Dubuisson)
Guldenberg (De Ranke)

Craft Beer Market (Toranomon & Jimbocho):
780yen pints. Salaryman orientated but decent selection and reasonable quality. More or less no smoking inside. Closed weekends.

Beer Horn: Akasaka mitsuke (27/3) Interesting new bar withbeer made by Otaru Beer in Hokkaido. Great limited all you can drink offer, 2 hours for 2,200yen! The difference here is you get to drink out of beer horns which can be 400ml hand blown glass horns or large actual cow horns. Awesome!!! The beer is very nice.
Smoked horn
dark horn

Biervana (Akasaka Mitsuke) ()
Loads of taps, loads of bottles -  Ikon trading's flaghip pub.
Nothing special for the craft beer fan.
includes Murphy's
London Pride
Tiger beer and more

Nagano Sake: (11am-9:30pm. Closed Sun and 2nd, 3rd Saturdays.)
(Nagano jisake museum)
Although it doesn't serve draught beer and it's not an actual bar as such, it does offer a nice range of Nagano craft beers in bottles and cans that are at unbeatable prices. A real gem of a little place. Good service. It's located in the Shimbashi Eki Mae building, across the street from the Shiodome entrance to Shimbashi station. 1st floor, not far from the entrance with the racoon with the huge testicles. You'll know it when you see it.
Yaho Yona Yona
Yaho Tokyo black
Yaho sun sun organic beer
Yaho IPA (Aooni?)
Yaho american style ESB
Shiga Kogen IPA
Shiga Kogen house IPA (DIPA)
Shiga Kogen pale ale
Shiga Kogen porter
Shiga Kogen miyama blonde
OhlaHo golden ale
Ohlaho amber ale
OhlaHo IPA
Minami Shunshu golden ale
Minami Shinshu amber ale
Minami Shinshu dunkle weissen
Minami Shinshu apple bock
Minami Shinshu seasonal
They also have a Nagano apple cider

Dry-Dock, Shinbashi (7/3) Closed 3rd Saturday & Sundays, National holidays.
No guest beer info on website
Asahi superdry
Tsumida weissen
Tsumida porter
Bellvue kriek
Chimay white

Cooper's Ale house: (29/3)
(Connected to JHA bar - Like JHA bar, no half pints - can get hot and smoky)Daisen yago

Fullers bengal lancer
Coopers bitter
moinette brune
Grisette blanche
De Konink triple de aniverse
Weltenberger hefeweizen
Plank heller weizenbock
Rogue brutal IPa
Highwater retribution imperial IPA
touchdown pilsner
TY harbor IPA
Brimmer porter 
Fujisakura sakura bock

New Bridge beer house: (5/7)
Coupon for free Augus beer before 7pm
(Can be a bit smoky. When I had a Fuller's honeydew, it came in a glass with a slice of lime and a big ice cube!! WTF? Make sure you check this doesn't happen to you, before you get the beer!)
August original pilsner
Nest white ale
Asahi super dry - super cold

T.Y. Harbor Brewery (7/3/)
amber ale
imperial stout
wheat ale
American style pale ale
Brewer's choice
Frigo: (Shinjuku) (7/3)
Fransikaner weiss dunkel
Hoegaarden white
Franziskaner weiss
Chimay white
Abbot ale
Jever pilsner

Bamboo (Shinjuku): (29/2) Great little pub in Shinjuku.
Popular also wiht homebrewers.


Tanne (German, Yoyogi) (A German restaurant/bar with ok food (try the pretzels for 300yen and it counts as your 'one meal', which the staff insist you order.) and an interesting Japanese crowd. There's a 300yen table charge,even if you don't sit at a table. Not the most foreigner friendly place. Strange, considering its a German restaurant/bar!)
Bass pale ale 700yen/500ml
Lowenbrau 650yen/500ml
Hoegaarden 800yen/500ml
Bitburger pils 750yen/500ml
(plus loads of bottled German and some Belgian and world beers)
p.s. Something from my early days.
I try to update when I can. I hope this blog is useful in your craft beer searches.
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