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My bar(s) of the day: .

North, NW and NE Tokyo:

Devilcraft (Kanda) (27/03) Non smoking.
Great  bar, 15 taps, featuring the best Japanese & imported beers.
Their speciality food is Chicago style pizza - recommended!
01.  Airways Starliner Stout
02.NEW!Green Flash Imperial IPA
03.NEW!Stone Ruination IPA
04.Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey IPA
05.Shmalz He'brew Genesis Ale
06.North Coast Red Seal Ale
07.Sound Dubbel Entendre
08.Harvest Moon Pilsner
09.Brimmer 1st Anniversary Strong Pale Ale
10.NEW!Daisen G Yagou
11.Shiga Indian Summer Saison
12.MINOH Yuzu White
13.Asahi Jukusen
14.Hoegaarden White - Witbier
15.Kisoji Pale Ale (RealAle) on Hand Pump

Maltan (Kanda): (22/03) Smoking
Daisen wheat wine (lovely)
Brimmer anniversary ale
Brimmer golden ale
Shiga Kogen IPA
Minoh  stout
Yona Yona

Jha bar (Kanda): (27/03) Smoking
Happy hour, 6-7pm all draught beer 100yen off.
(They don't serve half pints)
Kanda ale
Deschutes red chair
Malheur 10
Ciney bruin
Schlenkerler marzen
Grissette blanche
Guinness ?

Kurakura beer house: (27/03)
Seems like they now serve 'glass' sizes, plus pints.

Umenishiki white
Aqula sakura helles
Baeren classic
Baeren rye
Isekadoya pale
Swan Lake Belgian IPA
Shonan IPA (Columbus hopped)
Sankt Gallen brown porter
Isekadoya stout
Swan Lake imperial stout

Craft Beer Market (Jimbocho): (27/3) Mon-Fri. 11:30-23:30
2nd of a successful 2 craft beer bars with around 30 taps of rotating Japanese craft , some hard to find beers. Beers are arranged in order of style, which is good. no smoking inside. 
Asahi  super dry
Premioum malts
Inowashiro golden ale
Baird numazu lager
Tazawako rauch
Preston ale
Johanna ale
Swan Lake Amber
Shiga Kogen India Summer Saison
Shiga Kogen Miyama blonde
Johanna India snow saison
Kinshachi fruit draft cherry
Minoh Yuzu white
 strawbery framboise
Baird mamas milk stout
Brewdog zeitgeist
Baeren dunkle
Outsider hamaguri stout
Hoegaarden Nest weizen
Minoh weizen
Shonan weizen bock
Yokohama IPA
Shiga Kogen IPa
Aqula kiwi IPA
Shiga Kogen even prime white IPA
Baiurd ganko oyaji barelywine
Nogne suntan brew smoked barley wine

Tail's Ale house (Hongo) (27/03)
Sankt Gale super IPA
Pilsner urquel
Brugse zot dubbel
Pislner urquel
They also have a nice bottle selection.

Frigo est: (6/3) (Mon-Sat 17:30 - 26:00 / Sun. Hol 15:00 - 23:00)
Guest beer not sure??? - no info on website
Vidette extra white
Belleveu kriek

Popeye's (Ryogoku): 27-3
(up to Up touUp to 70 BEERS ON TAP!) Closed Sundays Popeyes is now non-smoking! (You can still smoke outside, on the terrace) The 'current' beer menu: (part A)&(part B)
Coupon here.
Sign up for their members card and receive a small discount & a postcard in the mail - good for a free drink the next time you visit.

They feature up to about 70 beers, categorised. Something new is their Hops Heart hop controller (A gravity fed ale, specially dry hopped (way too heavily!) using 2 selected hops, served in 2 small glasses (1/4 pint).) 
(Despite no longer being the only place that has a wide choice of beer, or anywhere near the cheapest in town, it is a place you still have to go to, if you are serious about beer bars in Tokyo/Asia. Perhaps the original and still the Mecca for Asian craft beer.)

------ Ikebukero and North West-------

Ale House (Ikebukero): Smoking (closed Sunday)
New location. Need to update this one!

BeerSaurus (Ikebukero) (27/03) smoking
New bar, slightly dinosaur themed, has a great half price happy hour, 6-8pm.
Be aware though that he has a cover charge (you might not still  have to pay using BeerInJapan's iphone app -not during happy hour!)
Their glass is about 450ml! Almost a US pint (473ml)
Lucky Bucket pre prohibition style lager  (1300 a glass)
Ballast Point sculpin (1300 a glass)
Greenflash double stout (1300 a glass)
Kirin Heartland (700 pint)

Vivo! (Ikebukero) (27/03) 
The New Vivo at a slightly different location, also in Ikebukero
- Baird+vivo! ISP 
- Sankt Gallen Shonan Gold
- Yoho Yonayona Real Ale
- Sankt Gallen Yokohama XPA Cask Cond.
- Baird Beer Rising Sun Pale Ale
- North Island IPA
- Aqula Brauhaus Kiwi IPA NEW!!!
- Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA NEW!!!
- Green Flash West Coast IPA
- Stone Ruination IPA
- Minoh Weizen
- Celis White
- ROGUE Dead Guy Ale NEW!!!
- Swanlake Amber Ale
- Shigakogen IBA
- Iwatekura Oyster Stout
- Baird Beer Dark Sky Imperial Stout
- COEDO Kyara NEW!!!
- Yebisu
- Guinness

The Cat & Cask Tavern (Kanamecho): 
Great little homely local pub, run by a friendly Englishman, Wayne.
Closed Tuesdays, 1st & 3rd Sunday
& Nat Holidays.

Shiga kogen EP-I
Isekadoya brown ale
Shiga Kogen IPA
Minoh real ale

Holic: (Closed Mon)
Hitachino Nest white ale
plus a wide selection of bottles

Bicke: (27/03) (Coupon site) Closed most Wednesdays.
A bit expensive. Over 800 for a half pint. But then other places are as much as 950!
Bass pale ale

Harvestmoon rasberry ale
Iwate Kura weizen
Tazawako double chocolate bock
Minami Shinshu golden ale
Sankt gallen XPA
Yona Yona
Suntory premium malts

Asaya's Bar (Kamishakuji): (27/03) Closed Tuesdays
Just 840yen a pint! - but 200yen table charge
- so get another pint!
Print out their home page and get a free glass of beer at their beer shop.
Asaya's goddess ale (pint 840yen)
Hommel dry hopping (1pint 950yen)
Tazawako pilsner (half pint 840yen)

Beer Bar Stone (Asagaya): ( 
Closed Thursdays New bar, not affiliated with Stone beer but has it on tap.

Beer Bar Gambrinus: (27/03) Smoking
(Kokubunji) Closed Sundays. Mondays, the kitchen is closed but they offer simple snacks. Smoking.
Sankt Gallen IPa
Iwate Kura oyster stout
Kamikaze cream ale
kamikaze amber ale
Baird carpenters mikan ale
Fujisakura weizen
Stone ruination
Minoh asaru IPa
Noboribetsu Onidentetsu white ale
Bass pale ale
Yona yona
Bellveu kriek

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