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My bar(s) of the day: .

North, NW and NE Tokyo:

Devilcraft (Kanda) (27/03) Non smoking.
Great  bar, 15 taps, featuring the best Japanese & imported beers.
Their speciality food is Chicago style pizza - recommended!
01.  Airways Starliner Stout
02.NEW!Green Flash Imperial IPA
03.NEW!Stone Ruination IPA
04.Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey IPA
05.Shmalz He'brew Genesis Ale
06.North Coast Red Seal Ale
07.Sound Dubbel Entendre
08.Harvest Moon Pilsner
09.Brimmer 1st Anniversary Strong Pale Ale
10.NEW!Daisen G Yagou
11.Shiga Indian Summer Saison
12.MINOH Yuzu White
13.Asahi Jukusen
14.Hoegaarden White - Witbier
15.Kisoji Pale Ale (RealAle) on Hand Pump

Maltan (Kanda): (22/03) Smoking
Daisen wheat wine (lovely)
Brimmer anniversary ale
Brimmer golden ale
Shiga Kogen IPA
Minoh  stout
Yona Yona

Jha bar (Kanda): (27/03) Smoking
Happy hour, 6-7pm all draught beer 100yen off.
(They don't serve half pints)
Kanda ale
Deschutes red chair
Malheur 10
Ciney bruin
Schlenkerler marzen
Grissette blanche
Guinness ?

Kurakura beer house: (27/03)
Seems like they now serve 'glass' sizes, plus pints.

Umenishiki white
Aqula sakura helles
Baeren classic
Baeren rye
Isekadoya pale
Swan Lake Belgian IPA
Shonan IPA (Columbus hopped)
Sankt Gallen brown porter
Isekadoya stout
Swan Lake imperial stout

Craft Beer Market (Jimbocho): (27/3) Mon-Fri. 11:30-23:30
2nd of a successful 2 craft beer bars with around 30 taps of rotating Japanese craft , some hard to find beers. Beers are arranged in order of style, which is good. no smoking inside. 
Asahi  super dry
Premioum malts
Inowashiro golden ale
Baird numazu lager
Tazawako rauch
Preston ale
Johanna ale
Swan Lake Amber
Shiga Kogen India Summer Saison
Shiga Kogen Miyama blonde
Johanna India snow saison
Kinshachi fruit draft cherry
Minoh Yuzu white
 strawbery framboise
Baird mamas milk stout
Brewdog zeitgeist
Baeren dunkle
Outsider hamaguri stout
Hoegaarden Nest weizen
Minoh weizen
Shonan weizen bock
Yokohama IPA
Shiga Kogen IPa
Aqula kiwi IPA
Shiga Kogen even prime white IPA
Baiurd ganko oyaji barelywine
Nogne suntan brew smoked barley wine

Tail's Ale house (Hongo) (27/03)
Sankt Gale super IPA
Pilsner urquel
Brugse zot dubbel
Pislner urquel
They also have a nice bottle selection.

Frigo est: (6/3) (Mon-Sat 17:30 - 26:00 / Sun. Hol 15:00 - 23:00)
Guest beer not sure??? - no info on website
Vidette extra white
Belleveu kriek

Popeye's (Ryogoku): 27-3
(up to Up touUp to 70 BEERS ON TAP!) Closed Sundays Popeyes is now non-smoking! (You can still smoke outside, on the terrace) The 'current' beer menu: (part A)&(part B)
Coupon here.
Sign up for their members card and receive a small discount & a postcard in the mail - good for a free drink the next time you visit.

They feature up to about 70 beers, categorised. Something new is their Hops Heart hop controller (A gravity fed ale, specially dry hopped (way too heavily!) using 2 selected hops, served in 2 small glasses (1/4 pint).) 
(Despite no longer being the only place that has a wide choice of beer, or anywhere near the cheapest in town, it is a place you still have to go to, if you are serious about beer bars in Tokyo/Asia. Perhaps the original and still the Mecca for Asian craft beer.)

------ Ikebukero and North West-------

Ale House (Ikebukero): Smoking (closed Sunday)
New location. Need to update this one!

BeerSaurus (Ikebukero) (27/03) smoking
New bar, slightly dinosaur themed, has a great half price happy hour, 6-8pm.
Be aware though that he has a cover charge (you might not still  have to pay using BeerInJapan's iphone app -not during happy hour!)
Their glass is about 450ml! Almost a US pint (473ml)
Lucky Bucket pre prohibition style lager  (1300 a glass)
Ballast Point sculpin (1300 a glass)
Greenflash double stout (1300 a glass)
Kirin Heartland (700 pint)

Vivo! (Ikebukero) (27/03) 
The New Vivo at a slightly different location, also in Ikebukero
- Baird+vivo! ISP 
- Sankt Gallen Shonan Gold
- Yoho Yonayona Real Ale
- Sankt Gallen Yokohama XPA Cask Cond.
- Baird Beer Rising Sun Pale Ale
- North Island IPA
- Aqula Brauhaus Kiwi IPA NEW!!!
- Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA NEW!!!
- Green Flash West Coast IPA
- Stone Ruination IPA
- Minoh Weizen
- Celis White
- ROGUE Dead Guy Ale NEW!!!
- Swanlake Amber Ale
- Shigakogen IBA
- Iwatekura Oyster Stout
- Baird Beer Dark Sky Imperial Stout
- COEDO Kyara NEW!!!
- Yebisu
- Guinness

The Cat & Cask Tavern (Kanamecho): 
Great little homely local pub, run by a friendly Englishman, Wayne.
Closed Tuesdays, 1st & 3rd Sunday
& Nat Holidays.

Shiga kogen EP-I
Isekadoya brown ale
Shiga Kogen IPA
Minoh real ale

Holic: (Closed Mon)
Hitachino Nest white ale
plus a wide selection of bottles

Bicke: (27/03) (Coupon site) Closed most Wednesdays.
A bit expensive. Over 800 for a half pint. But then other places are as much as 950!
Bass pale ale

Harvestmoon rasberry ale
Iwate Kura weizen
Tazawako double chocolate bock
Minami Shinshu golden ale
Sankt gallen XPA
Yona Yona
Suntory premium malts

Asaya's Bar (Kamishakuji): (27/03) Closed Tuesdays
Just 840yen a pint! - but 200yen table charge
- so get another pint!
Print out their home page and get a free glass of beer at their beer shop.
Asaya's goddess ale (pint 840yen)
Hommel dry hopping (1pint 950yen)
Tazawako pilsner (half pint 840yen)

Beer Bar Stone (Asagaya): ( 
Closed Thursdays New bar, not affiliated with Stone beer but has it on tap.

Beer Bar Gambrinus: (27/03) Smoking
(Kokubunji) Closed Sundays. Mondays, the kitchen is closed but they offer simple snacks. Smoking.
Sankt Gallen IPa
Iwate Kura oyster stout
Kamikaze cream ale
kamikaze amber ale
Baird carpenters mikan ale
Fujisakura weizen
Stone ruination
Minoh asaru IPa
Noboribetsu Onidentetsu white ale
Bass pale ale
Yona yona
Bellveu kriek

Tokyo, Ginza & Shinjuku area:

Beer Bar Bachus: (27/3) Closed Sundays

Sankt Gallen sakura IPA
Aqula pale ale (handpump)
Isekadoya pale ale (?)
Yona yona
possibly sapporo creamy top

Towers standing bar: (27/3) Closed most Saturdays &Sunday
Fujisakura pilsner and  sakura bock
Shiga Kogen pale ale
Minami Shinshu apple hop
North Island IPA
Yona yona
Baird rising sun pale ale (800yen pint),

plus 5 or 6 other beers (not on website!)

Belgian Beer Cafe:
A chain of three/four Belgian beer cafes/bars. They stock many Belgian beers in bottles plus on draught at least:
Leffe blonde
Stella Artois
Belleveu kriek
(last time I was in one of their bars (Antwerp Port), I had Marsdous No.10)

Bulldog: (coupon site) (27/3)
Baird suruga bay
Fuji sakura sakura bock
Anderson Valley anniversary imperial IPA
Ichi ban shibori frozen
Ichiban shibori
Bellevue kriek
Bass pale ale

Steinhaus Ginza:
Not cheap. May have a table charge, too, like German Farm Grill these days.
Franziskaner hefeweiss
Franziskaner dunkel weiss
Franziskaner optimator
Spaaten helles
Spaaten premium bock
plus lots of bottled German beer and German food.

JS Lennep: (coupon site)
Bitburger pils (500ml 861yen)
Erdinger weiss (500ml 1029yen)
Erdinger Weiss dunkel (500ml 1039yen)
Kostrizer (300ml 724yen)
Jever pilsner (400ml 819yen)
Lowenbrau (500ml 871yen)
plus bottled beers

Baden Baden: (Japanese site) (some good photos)
Hofbrau helles (nice n malty tasting. 500ml 840yen)
Hofbrau Munchenkindlweiss (sweet weiss, not a bad sip, also 840yen)
Hofbrau dunkel
Hofbrau dunkelweiss
plus bottled beers (e.g. Schneider weiss (1050yen), Dom kolsch)
(more a rough and ready atmosphere than Lennep. Food is so so and artery clogging but goes well with the booze despite the smoke. I have a soft spot for this place!)

Delirium Cafes
: (There are 3 - largest 2 being Toranomon and Akasaka)
Toranomon: (22/7)
Guldenberg (De Ranke)
Sparta Pils (Van Steenberge)
La Rullés Triple (Rullés)
Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe)
Floris White (Huyghe)
Bios Kriek ( Van Steenberge)
Brussels Framboise ( Van Steenberge )
Delirium Nocturnum (Huyghe)
Rodenbach Grand Cru (Rodenbach)
VI Wheat
Augustijn Dark (Van Steenberge)
Cafe Reserve, Akasaka:
Sparta Pils(Van Steenberge)
Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe)
Floris White (Huyghe)
Floris Framboise (Huyghe)
Celis White (Van Steenberge)
Floris Apple (Huyghe)
Brussels Framboise ( Van Steenberge )
Caracole Amber ( Caracole)
Scaldis (Dubuisson)
Guldenberg (De Ranke)

Craft Beer Market (Toranomon & Jimbocho):
780yen pints. Salaryman orientated but decent selection and reasonable quality. More or less no smoking inside. Closed weekends.

Beer Horn: Akasaka mitsuke (27/3) Interesting new bar withbeer made by Otaru Beer in Hokkaido. Great limited all you can drink offer, 2 hours for 2,200yen! The difference here is you get to drink out of beer horns which can be 400ml hand blown glass horns or large actual cow horns. Awesome!!! The beer is very nice.
Smoked horn
dark horn

Biervana (Akasaka Mitsuke) ()
Loads of taps, loads of bottles -  Ikon trading's flaghip pub.
Nothing special for the craft beer fan.
includes Murphy's
London Pride
Tiger beer and more

Nagano Sake: (11am-9:30pm. Closed Sun and 2nd, 3rd Saturdays.)
(Nagano jisake museum)
Although it doesn't serve draught beer and it's not an actual bar as such, it does offer a nice range of Nagano craft beers in bottles and cans that are at unbeatable prices. A real gem of a little place. Good service. It's located in the Shimbashi Eki Mae building, across the street from the Shiodome entrance to Shimbashi station. 1st floor, not far from the entrance with the racoon with the huge testicles. You'll know it when you see it.
Yaho Yona Yona
Yaho Tokyo black
Yaho sun sun organic beer
Yaho IPA (Aooni?)
Yaho american style ESB
Shiga Kogen IPA
Shiga Kogen house IPA (DIPA)
Shiga Kogen pale ale
Shiga Kogen porter
Shiga Kogen miyama blonde
OhlaHo golden ale
Ohlaho amber ale
OhlaHo IPA
Minami Shunshu golden ale
Minami Shinshu amber ale
Minami Shinshu dunkle weissen
Minami Shinshu apple bock
Minami Shinshu seasonal
They also have a Nagano apple cider

Dry-Dock, Shinbashi (7/3) Closed 3rd Saturday & Sundays, National holidays.
No guest beer info on website
Asahi superdry
Tsumida weissen
Tsumida porter
Bellvue kriek
Chimay white

Cooper's Ale house: (29/3)
(Connected to JHA bar - Like JHA bar, no half pints - can get hot and smoky)Daisen yago

Fullers bengal lancer
Coopers bitter
moinette brune
Grisette blanche
De Konink triple de aniverse
Weltenberger hefeweizen
Plank heller weizenbock
Rogue brutal IPa
Highwater retribution imperial IPA
touchdown pilsner
TY harbor IPA
Brimmer porter 
Fujisakura sakura bock

New Bridge beer house: (5/7)
Coupon for free Augus beer before 7pm
(Can be a bit smoky. When I had a Fuller's honeydew, it came in a glass with a slice of lime and a big ice cube!! WTF? Make sure you check this doesn't happen to you, before you get the beer!)
August original pilsner
Nest white ale
Asahi super dry - super cold

T.Y. Harbor Brewery (7/3/)
amber ale
imperial stout
wheat ale
American style pale ale
Brewer's choice
Frigo: (Shinjuku) (7/3)
Fransikaner weiss dunkel
Hoegaarden white
Franziskaner weiss
Chimay white
Abbot ale
Jever pilsner

Bamboo (Shinjuku): (29/2) Great little pub in Shinjuku.
Popular also wiht homebrewers.


Tanne (German, Yoyogi) (A German restaurant/bar with ok food (try the pretzels for 300yen and it counts as your 'one meal', which the staff insist you order.) and an interesting Japanese crowd. There's a 300yen table charge,even if you don't sit at a table. Not the most foreigner friendly place. Strange, considering its a German restaurant/bar!)
Bass pale ale 700yen/500ml
Lowenbrau 650yen/500ml
Hoegaarden 800yen/500ml
Bitburger pils 750yen/500ml
(plus loads of bottled German and some Belgian and world beers)
p.s. Something from my early days.

Akasaka and Roppongi area:


Delirium Akasaka: (6/5)I think they may have 40 beers available for a limited time!?! Either that or it's a selection from these.Celis White Pierre Celis
St.Bernardus white
Blanche de namur
Delirium Tremens 
Piraat 10.5%
St.Bernardus tripel
Tripel Karmiliet
St.isebald Tripel
XX bitter
Taras Bulbar
Rulles Blond
St.Isebald blond
Pawel Kwak
Scaldis Amber
Galouis Ambree
St.Bernardus Prior 8
St.Bernardus Abbot 12
Delirium Nocturnum
Leute Bokbier
Golden Draak
Rulles Brun
Galloise Brun
St.Bernardus Christmas
Delerium Noel
Gulden Draak vintage
Rulles Cuvee Christmas
Mere Noel
Pere Noel
Bios Vlaams Bourgogne
Queue de Charrue Brune
Floris Kriek
Floris apple
FLoris framboise
Bios kriek
Brussels kriek
Campus premium

Biervana (28/10) -NEW!-
A new beer bar, opened in Akasaka, featuring about 9 taps plus a nice selection of bottles
London Pride
Paulaner hefeweizen
Japanese guest: Hitachino Nest Brooklyn Lager
World guest: Fuller's Honeydew
World guest 2: Moretti
Guest cider: Strongbow

82 Ale House, Akasaka (12/11)
Guest beer: 82 Ale house dark weissen (Kanda, Shinagawa, Akasaka, Kannai).
Sankt Gallen apple cinnamon
82 real ale
Bass pale ale
Kirin ichiban shibori
They also have ale houses in Kanda, Mita, Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Hammamatsucho and Kannai.)

Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port (Akasaka) (Happy hour 5to7)
The Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port (Akasaka) is having it's 1st anniversary party on Tues, March 17th. 5,000yen gets you 5 Belgian beers (plus one special Belgian beer?) and food from 6 to 10pm.
Maredsous 10 - lovely (at least it was on tap, last time I was there - long time ago!)
Stella artois
Leffe blonde
Bellveue kriek
(plus many more Belgians in bottles)
This is one of a chain of a few stores, Belgian Beer cafe Antwerp Central (Chiyoda), Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Six (Ginza) and Belgian Beer Cafe Barrel (Osaka).

Roti's: 27-2  Whats on tap in Rotis 
Smoking at bar
Stone IPA-
Maui Bikini Blonde Lager-
BrewDog Punk IPA-
Rogue Stout 
Refreshing Britt Craft Cider Brut from Brittany France.

AntnBee: (29/3)
Can get smoky but 20 taps of Japanese craft.
Fujisakura white dandy
Minoh godfather 
Minoh WIPA
minoh Saru IPA
Shiga kogen India summer saison
Swan lake imperial red ale
Aqwula Belgia single
Aqula citra brown
Iwate Kura red IPa
Iwate Kura IPA
North Island brown ale
Brewmaster kabos and honey
Yon yona
Sankt Gallen sakura

Sankt Gallen amber ale

Sankt Gallen brown porter

Kobushi hana IPA
Kobushi hana marzen
Kobushi hana pilsner

Shonan shwarz
Daisen barleywine
Daisen Imperial stout

Berndt's (Roppongi):
Weihenstephaner Weiss
Schneider(? maybe bottled)
Diebels Alt

Cock o'the walk: (brother/sister bar to Warrior Celt in Ueno)
I heard this closed down. shame. I liked the place.

Abbot's Choice:
Abbot ale
Bass pale ale
Yona yona
*Happy hour 650yen a pint 6-8pm*

Shibuya & Shimokitazawa area:

The Aldgate: (28/3) (Coupon for food discount with a beer) Non smoking Free wifi
A good British style bar (House beers) Now with free wifi!
Aldgate ale
Harry Porter
Abbot ale
Old Speckled Hen
Erdinger weiss
Baird IPA
Jever Pils
Fulers London pride
Isekadoya pale ale
Preston stout
(Guest beers)
Belhaven Twested Thistle
Haact Mystic White
Rogue Brutal IPA
Sankt Gallen Sakura Ale
Fujisakura Smoked Ale
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Baird Jack The Ripper IPA(Aldgate Exclusive)

Plus new handpump real ale London Calling pale ale by Sankt Gallen
p.s. they had Swan Lake golden ale on tap which was very good.

Amusement: (3/3) Interesting 'Speakeasy' styled underground bar.
? means I'm not sure if it's on tap. They have 12 taps.

Cataratas: (29/3) Closed Sundays. Now with wifi access!
Quality beer selection but not cheap and place can get smoky fast.
Chateau Gaisto blakc lager
Korsendonk brown/Malheur 10
Westkust? Black imperial IPA
Deschutes hophenge experimental IPA
Aspalls cider

Faulte: (3/3) (happy hour Heineken & malts 500yen pints till 7)
Bellhaven Scottish stoutRegulars:
Suntory premium malts
Bell-veu kriek

Faucets: Good bar with 20taps and managed by Dede (of Cheers and Roti's fame).
Happy hour 5-8, 200yen off pints.

The Griffon: (30/9)
website updated to 10/9
Website is gone. I'm searching for another one?
They often do have an interesting selection of hard to find beers but it can be a little expensive (like a lot of other places, recently). Can get smoky.

Now have a happy hour 5-8. Glass of beer is 580 (from choice of 4or5)

Belgo: (3/3)
Ichtegems grand cru from 7th March
Leffe blonde
Chimay white
Belleveu kriek

The German Farm Grill: (Warning: 500yen cover charge, last time I was there!)
The place is a lot pricier than it used to hence, hence I no longer go back.
Spaaten helles
Spaaten premium bock
Spaaten Optimator
Franziskaner heffeweiss
(plus a lot of bottled German beers)

Hemel: (27/6)
Vedett extra white
Saison weissen
Belle Veu Kriek
They also have a load of bottled Belgians!

Bis cafe: (special discount days)
Vidette extra white
Stella Artois
Chimay white label
plus around 100 bottles, mostly Belgian.

Cafe Anno (new): (16/9)
Czech restaurant/cafe with Czech beer in bottles plus Nihonkai Ishikawa pilsner and dark lager on tap. The beer is brewed by a Czech brewer.

Nihonkai pilsner
Nihonkai dark lager

: (27/5) For update - check the site
Non smoking Free wifi
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
Ballast Point Victory at Sea
Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA
Ballast Point Three Sheets French Oak Cask
Green Flash Hop Head Red
Southern Tier Porter
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA
Fujisakura Dunkel Weizen
Yokohama Beer pixy Orange Ale
North Island Cinnamon Ale
North Island Wheat Ale
Sanktgallen Shonan Gold
Sanktgallen Pale Ale
Shirohata Pink Grapefruits Ale
Harvest Moon Schwarz


The Harajuku Taproom (3/3) non smoking
(Mon-Fri 5-12, Sat/Sun/NatHol 12-12)

A simple account of my first night here.
Harajuku ale batch 12 (best bitter)
Wheaty IPA
Wheat King Ale

Rising Sun Pale Ale
Red Rose Amber Ale
Angry Boy Brown Ale
Kurofune Porter
Shimaguni Stout
Nide The Ale
Nide The Lager
Teikoku IPA
Seasonal releases:
Ganko oyaji 2011
Morning coffee stout 2011
Winter wheat session ale
Dark sky imperial stout

--------------Shimo Kitazawa---------------

Ushi Tora: (5/11) [Link to a google maps location here.]
Very good beer choice and good quality but not the cheapest (it's not just Ushi Tora, though).
The new bar (almost next door, closed Mondays) has new half pint glasses, but they are US half pints.
USHITORA I 【handpump×3+tap×20】□ First Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ First Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Third Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Yona Yona Real Ale (Nagano)
□ Tokyo Black (Nagano)
□ Minoh Bitter -Real Ale- (Osaka)
□ Ise Kadoya Pale Ale (Mie)
□ Swan Lake IPA (Niigata)
□ Shonan IPA -SG- (Kanagawa)
□ Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (California, US)
□ Sankt Gallen Amber Ale (Kanagawa)
□ Ise Kadoya Smokey Drop (Mie)
□ Baird Black Fantasy Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Baird Country Girl Pumpkin Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Gargery Stout (Niigata)
□ Minoh Imperial Stout (Osaka)
□ Iwate Kura Barley Wine (Iwate)
□ Ebisu (Sapporo)
□ Echigo Pilsner (Niigata)
□ Ushiku Chateau IPL (Ibaraki)
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Weizen (Yamanashi)NEW
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Dunkel Weizen (Yamanashi)
□ Fuji-Zakura Heights Chocolate Wheat (Yamanashi)
□ Kume-Zakura Shuzou Yagou Junmai-Shu (Tottori
★ USHITORA II ★ 【tap×15】
□ Second Impact (Ushitora Original)
□ Shiga-Kogen Not So Mild Ale (Nagano)
□ Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA (Shizuoka)
□ Swan Lake Amber Ale (Niigata)
□ Shiga-Kogen Harvest IBA (Nagano)
□ Echigo Stout (Niigata)
□ Minoh Weizen (Osaka)
□ August Snow Blanche (Tokyo)
□ Baird Belgian Pale Ale (Shizuoka)
□ Swan Lake B-IPA (Niigata)
□ Daisen G Yagou (Tottori)
□ Baird Double Dry Imperial Belgian IPA (Shizuoka)
□ Mikkeller It's Alive! (Denmark)
□ ――――――――――――――

Kurakura beer house:
They moved to Kanda! Here is the new map.

South of Shibuya:

Baird Beer Taproom, NakaMeguro: (28/2) No smoking
[Here's my simple review]
Guest beers:
Stone old Guardian barley wine
Isekadoya imperial IPA
Greengflash barleywine 2010
Swan Lake barley wine 2011
Iwate Kura barley wine 2011
Handpumped real ale:

Winter session ale (handpump)
Nakameguro 21 (handpump) - ESBRegulars:
Suruga Bay Imperial IPA (New Regular)
Wheat King Ale

Rising Sun Pale Ale
Red Rose Amber Ale
Angry Boy Brown Ale
Kurofune Porter
Shimaguni Stout
Nide The Ale
Nide The Lager
Numazu lager
Teikoku IPA
Seasonal releases:
West Coast wheat wine
Jubilation 2010
Dark sky imperial stout
Winter wit
Triple dry hop European IPA
Hatsujozo imperial pale lager
Morning coffee stout 2011
**More in depth review - by Glen Scoggins and using far more syllables than I am capable of and information that only a true beer detective could dig up, in the upcoming edition of Brews News.

Hato's Bar (NakaMeguro): (3/3) smoking pit BBQ and craft beerShonan chocolate porter
Ballast Point victory at sea
Shiga Kogen Miyama blonde
Shiga Kogen IPA

Inishmore (Ebisu):
Yonayona (hand pump)
Toshi's IPA
Tokyo black
Bass pale ale
Strongbow cider

What the Dickens (Ebisu): Smoking
Bass pale ale
Dry Blackthorn cider

The Black Lion (Meguro): Smoking
Bellevue Kriek
Weihenstephan Hefeweiss
Marston's Pedigree
Blackthorn Cider
(Thanks, Pudgy, for the ino!)

The Grafton (Gotanda) (2/3) : Smoking
Yona Yona
Tokyo Black
Belleveu kriek
Baeren chocolate stout
Brewdog zeitgeist
Ozenoyukidoke IPA (WHAT?)
Baird teikoku IPA

Pangaea (Senzoku):(2/3) Smoking
He is brewing his own beer these days.
It includes a turnip beer.
You'll have to go there to see how it is.

Transit (Hatanodai): 14/3
Open 3pm-2am weekdays, 12-12 Sat/Sun/Hols
Great spacious new bar with a good line up and very good prices (450ml for 800yen!). Smoking allowed.
Ran by Adachi san, formerley of Speyside Way.
Minoh yuzu white (hand pump)
Suntory premium mlats
Fujisakura weizen
Nihonkai dark lager
Yona yona (hand pump)
Baeren alt
Stone IPA
Iwate Kura oyster stout
Harveetmoon choc almond coffee stout
Shiga Kogen Takashi imperial stout

-------------------------- Jiyugaoka ----------------------------
Speyside Way: (3/3) Smoking
Minoh pale ale (100 a UK pint, hand pump)
Minami Shinshu IPA (1000 a pint)
Shiga Kogen DPA (1000 a pint)
Yona Yona (hand pump)

OCarolans: SmokingNo special draft beers but this place used to be an institution in Jiyugaoka.

The Clan: Smoking
Similar on lack of interesting beer.
Nice enough bar.

Kawasaki and Tsurumi:

Craft Beer Moonlight: (Noborito) (10/12)
A new, small craft beer joint, run by Mr. Nakayama.
Featuring 6 simple brews, but only 4 on tap at a time (I was there at the end of July and it was the pale alger, light ale, pilsner and porter). 300yen for a glass. Not great beer right now but hopefully getting better.

Pale lager
Pilsner - new
Strong ale/Old ale

Sal's Cafe (Saginuma -Denentoshi line): (4/6) Website is to 4th
Ballast Point Big Bear Stout
Pizza Port El Camino IPA
Shiroyama Belgian White
Shiga Kogen Miyama Blonde
Stone pale ale

McCann's (Musashi kousugi): (12/11) - new location, near the Nanbu line tracks, not far from the station.
Closed Sundays. Happy hour 5-7pm: 150yen off.
Rogue juniper pale ale

Beer Bar The Pint (13/3)
Great new small bar (space for around 20) near Shin Maruko Station. Ran by Takahashi san, formerly of Belgo, Cheers and the NakaMeguro and Bashamichi Taprooms & his wife. 12 taps, good line up, good quality. Friendly, professional, non smoking.
Suntory Premium Malts
Grissette blanche
Hideji cascade lager
Hideji black rice ale
Hideji kinkan lager
Shiroyama stout
Shiroyama Belgian white
Baird rising sun pale ale
Baird Suruga bay DIPA
Bear Republic racer 5 IPA

The Great German Cook (Tsurumi):
Erdinger weisse
Jever pilsner
Bitburger pils
Bass pale ale
(They used to have Weihenstephan on tap as a guest beer. Not sure about now, though.)

Yokohama area:

The Thrash Zone: (16/12) Great, friendly, rocking craft haven in Yokohama.
New LOCATION! Open every day! 6-6:30 until 11:30
Shinano ale

Shinano mountain ale
Nagahama ale
Greenflash WCIPA
Greenflah hop head red IPA
Stone ruination DIPA

and more!
p.s. This is a great  craft beer bar

Cheers: (16/12) (Happy hour 4-7pm) Closed Sunday
Shonan super bitter IPA
Helios santa beer red ale
Aqula akita bijin beer
Atsugi hachi honey ale
Hideji weisse and mango lager
Isekdaoya stout on handpump
Old Speckled hen 
Cheers helios beer

Green Sheep: (1 guest beer which doesn't change very often, but it's open 'til late and is an option.)
Guest Beer - rumor is it's brewed by Yokohama beer.
Bass Pale Ale,
Asahi Fuji San,
Asahi Super Dry.

Glass Dance Belgian beer and grill:Guinness
De Koninck
Leffe blonde
plus a good bottled selection

Beer Republic:
  near Yokohama station, South East side.
1. Ginga Kogen stout
2. Shiga Kogen DPA
3. Daisen weizen bock
4. Minoh imperial stout
5. Minami Shinshu Christmas ale
6. North Island cinnamon ale
7. Kure barley wine
8. Shiga Kogen porter
9. Fuji sakura weizen bock
10. Shiga Kogen IPA
11. Beahern chocola number 7
12. North Island red ale
13. Isekadoya pale ale
14.Hideji lager
15.Isekadoya pale ale dry hopped - maybe off tonday?
16.Minoh pale ale


Pivovar Yokohama ()
Pivovar is now closed Saturdays and Sundays for regular customers. Damn, it might be closed until March is another thing I heard. Weird decision but theirs to make but there you go. Really weird.


Baird Bashamichi Taproom: (15/12)
The newest edition to the Baird Taproom collection (Including Numazu, NakaMeguro and Harajuku - for now!), is a Aerican PitBBQ themed taproom. 3 floors and 25 taps. 2 handpumps.
I also work here part time, Fri and Sat!
come by and say hi!
Handpumped real ale:
Bashamichi ale (smoked brown ale only for the Bashamichi Taproom)
80 Schilling ale 
Baird regulars:
Kurofune porter
Shimaguni stout
Singe Take session ale
Wheat king ale
Numazu lager
Rising Sun pale ale
Red rose amber ale
Angry boy brown ale
Suruga Bay DIPA
Nide cream ale
Midnight oil export stout

Black velvet dark lager
West coast wheat wine( maybe gone?)
Yabai Yabia strong Scottish ale (maybe gone?)
Numazu ale

Red rose Belgian ale
Guest beers:
Birra del borgo re pale extra IPA

Birra del borgo saison

Bashamichi Green (16/12)

New Green with 3 craft taps plus heartland and again great food.
no info on beer 
Pivo: (15/12) ( Closed Sun, Monday) Another Czech bar!
He actually controls the temp of his beer (around 7-8C) and puts the temp on his website. Nice!
Pilsner Urquel (950yen for 500ml)
Master semi dark beer (mayb enot on any more?)
Kozel cerny( dark)

*** -- New! -- ***
ElNubicho (5/2)
New interesting bar with small snacks and a nicely chosen line up of 4 taps.
He doesnt list his beers onl;ine and recently had a barley wine and some fruity beers.
( Glass size S 500. M 800, L 1,000yen)

***Bay Brewing***A cool looking new brewpub ran by the former head brewer of Pivovar Yokohama, Suzuki Shinya. Good luck, Shinya!
1 Miyoko kogen pilsner
2 Nihonkai dark lager
3 Aqula Akita bijin beer
4 Fujisakura weizen
5 Shiga Kogen Indain Summer saison
6 Isekdaoya imperial smoked porter
7 Baird rising sun pale ale


Craft Beer Bar (Kannai): (16/12)

Not so easy to find and easy to walk past (again and again), so Google search this address and view it in maps: 横浜市中区太田町2-31-3 (Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Aioi-cho 2-31-3)

Minoh stout (handpump) * very good!
Baird Red Rose Belgian ale
Fujisakura weizen bock
Shiga Kogen ichiniseki imperial dark saison
Shiga Kogen miyama blonde
Swan Lake amber ale
Iwate Kura classic IPA 
Baeren classic
North Island cinnamon ale
Harvestmoon pale ale

Bay Brewing (Kannai) (06/03)
New brewpub in Yokohama serving some fine ales and lagers plus hard to find guest beers.
Closed Thursdays.
Tainai kogen pilsner
Wind valley dark lager
Bay Brewing hefeweizen
Aqula Kiwi IPA
Bay Brewing imperial pale ale (6.5%)
Bay Brewing pile driver IPA (7.2%)

Full Monty 
(Kannai/Noge): (7/3) (Coupon) (Closed Sundays)

A really nice British pub, with good sized portions (of delicious pub grub).  
London Pride
Felinfoel stout
Left coast rasberry wheat

Aspalls cider

Carlsberg Pilsner
plus many bottled beers (including a lot of Ciders,  Brewdog & Fullers beers)!

Charcoal Grill & Bar Green (Motomachi street): (3/3)
Preston stout
Loco Sakura steam
Yokohama Hamamugi  lager

Green Bashamichi: Close to Bashamichi taproom

: (28/5) A sake and shouchu joint, the other side of Kannai stadium
Kirin heartland
Tokyo black

Machida and Fujisawa area:


Copa: Free beer coupon. (12/11)
Leffe brown
Leffe blonde
Kirin hearltand
Kirin ichibanshibori
Baird teikoku IPA
plus a nice Belgian bottled selection.

Yona Yona
Tokyo black
London Pride
Strongbow cider
Here's their extensive booze selection.

Oktoberfest: (11/6)
Newish small bar with 5or so taps and about half a dozen tables.
Minoh smoked porter
Nagisa pale ale (good and not easy to find on tap!)
Nagisa weissen
Iwate Kra cider
Yokohama Pixie


Century Break (Fujisawa): (27/2) Closed Monday
A great British pub styled bar with good beer and good prices - UK pint sizes!
(Website is up to 16/10)
(Coupon site with English beer listing and map)
Paulaner hefeweiss
Bios kriekenbier
Grissette blanche
Old speckled hen
Sankt Gallen golden ale
Harvestmoon chocolate stout
Baeren chocolate stout
Baird Suruga bay DIPA
Yona Yona real ale (hand pump)
Contry perry

Beer Cafe Hopman
(Chigasaki) (3/3)
Nice newish bar, not far from Station. About 20 craft beers on tap, in good condition.
Yona yona
Sapporo edelpils
Shonan bitter
Hoegaarden white
Fujisakura chocolate wheat
Shiga Kogen not so mild real ale version
Great Divide fresh hop pale ale (very good)
Beer buddy red ale
Ginga kogen weissen
Baird Suruga Bay DIPA
Greenflash WCIPA (very good)
Coronado Idiot DIPA (very good)
Preston black bitter
Iwate Kura smoked ale
Iwate Kura chocolate stout
Rogue imperial stout
Stone old guardian barley wine
Stone vertical epic 2010
Tokyo black
I try to update when I can. I hope this blog is useful in your craft beer searches.
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